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Nagako Sato,M.D.,Ph.D 

Graduating school; St.Marianna Univ. school of Med.

*Japanese mental health certifying physician
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About consultation fee and counseling fee:

Please, note that  careful consultation and evaluation by the doctor will take approximately 30~80 minutes.

Consultation fee is different with each case.


Your fee will be arranged at the time of the first session. Unless otherwise

arranged,fees are payable at the end of the therapeutic hour. Only cash is

acceptable. We provide documentation for you so that your insurance carrier may reimburse you if you have coverage for psychotherapy. Unless special arrangements have been made in advance, payment is due at the end of each session.  


     Consultation fee ( Private practice=Medical treatment at your own expence. )

                     First Consultation fee(60min+) ¥12000+

        Follow-up Consultation fee(30min+) ¥8500+                  


●Reference Consultation fee(Japanese Health insurance)

                    First Consultation fee (30min+)  ¥6000~8000+

                    Follow-up Consultation fee  (10min+) ¥3500~5000+


  1. 1.We accept Japanese Health insurance, but it is only valid for a 10~30 min session. Please use private practice if you would to see the doctor for a longer period of time.

  2. 2.Payment for the prescribed medication will be added to the consultation fee.

  3. 3.The maximum length of a medical prescription is four (4) weeks.

  4. 4.We administer Japanese medicine only.

  5. 5.According to guidelines prescribed by Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, we may not administer some kinds of narcotic medication for more than a two (2) week  period,in order to prevent the taking of an overdose.

  6. 6.Prescriptions are not refillable.

  7. 7.We do not accept Personality Disorder&Anorexia Nervosa treatment.

Please notice that the consultation fees cover :


Psychiatric diagnostic interview examination

Individual psychiatric therapy( included management & evaluation service)

Non-covered Services :

Therapeutic services performed by a psychologist (PhD)

Environmental interview

Interpretation of accumulated data to responsible parties

Preparation of report of patient's treatment

Home visit

Night visit

Please keep in mind that :

✴All payments are due at the time of  consultation, in Japanese Yen.

✴Credit cards are not accepted .

✴We do not accept checks and bank notes in any currency.

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