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          About the Doctors in Japan

About Me

About the Director of  “Bean’s Clinic”


Name: Nagako Sato,M.D.,ph.D

Graduating school; St.Marianna Univ. school of Med.

*Japanese mental health certifying physician


St. Luke’s International Hospital.

International Medical center of JAPAN.

AMDA International Medical Information Center.


A psychiatrist is a licensed medical doctor, who has not only earned a medical degree (MD), but has further specialized in the field of psychiatry, which emphasizes the care and treatment of people with mental illness. Specialization takes three to four years after obtaining a medical license, and involves treating people with mental illness in a variety of settings. look for because it presupposes the doctor in question has demonstrated sufficient knowledge in his or her profession.

In addition, The doctors in Japan had studied all kinds of  departments (e.g: internal medicine, dermatology , etc)

About the Doctor in Japan.

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