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Our Psychiatric clinic located in Shibuya-ku,Tokyo, which provides mental health care & counseling services for English-speaking people who are residing in Japan.
If you are an English speaker, please do not hesitate to contact our office. When you feel blue or depressed, feel free to contact us! Don't keep your worries to yourself. For travelers from abroad, I will be available for a consultation about jet lag remedies, too.
This site is for English speakers who are residing in Japan.
We can accept your first visit appointment only by Mail-form.


      Our clinic do not accept consultation ,treatment and prescription(Methylphenidate etc.)

            for ADD&ADHD patients.

Feel free to contact us if these symptoms as described below last for more than a few weeks or more than a few months.

1.Feel depressed: Feel like doing nothing,feel generally tired without reasons,lowering of 
   motivation,loss of concentration,etc.(Depression)

2.Suddenly feel anxious.

3.Feel sleepless.

4.Feel workplace stress.

5.Worry too much about your health.

6.Become too tense in front people and 
nausea,headache,trembling hands and feeling of numbness,etc.

7.Feeling a pounding without obvious physical disorder,or being tight with fear.

8.Suffer from menopausal symptoms.

9.Mood syndromes related to medical condition.

10.Symptom of jet lag.


12.Masked Depression.
Consultation Hours  
                Mon    Tue    Wed     Thur     Fri   
11:00 am  Closed       Closed        Closed   Open          Open      
 ~14:00 pm           
 (Last 13:30)                           
 ~PM19:00             (Non consultation day.)      Open            Open    
(Last 18:30)

*Holidays: Saturday&Sunday&Japanese Holidays.

Please be aware that all consultations and appointment systems at our office are by advance reservation for the purpose of protecting patient`s privacy.

Excuse me, but because our office is very small, for saving time and effort we deeply ask you to be booked in advance by mail from our website.

           Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

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